Gianni Conti Classic Leather Purse

Gianni Conti Classic Leather Purse

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Long purse in cowhide 

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Long purse in cowhide 

Classic collection 

Leather wallet closed with zip with ample space for cards, documents and banknotes. Internal coin purse closed with zip.Complete with Gianni Conti box.

Anti-shoplifting protection (RFID).

Size: cm 18,5×11

Each product has a label that comes with maintenance instructions. 

Care info

In order to keep the original qualities of the product unchanged, it is recommended to avoid exposure to heat and moisture. If the product is exposed to rain, dry it immediately with a dry, soft cloth in neutral fabric and leave it in a well-ventilated place. Exposure to water, ointments and cosmetics may stain the skin. Each product has a label that comes with maintenance instructions. Please read them carefully. If in doubt, contact our Customer Service. Our bags are made of naturally tanned leather, without any fixing layers, to leave softness and flexibility unaltered. For this reason, in certain temperatures or humidity levels, or in exceptional cases, they may trCare info